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Glitter Wedding Stationery Collection

Glitter wedding invitations in gold and purple fancy script typography

Introducing our newest design, which has been on the website for a couple of weeks now, *Glitter Glam* Glitter wedding invitations!   The Glitter Wedding Stationery Collection Made with carefully selected luxury glitter papers. The best thing! they feature little or zero shed. Shiny, sparkling wedding invitations, without the annoyance of glitter EVERYWHERE!!! Designs such as these, show […]

Wedding Invitation Wording

The wedding invitations for your wedding are the first impression guests will have of your big day and the first glimpse of your theme. Once you’ve chosen the perfect invitations, it’s time to decide what is the right invitation wording for you. Don’t worry if you’re not a budding writer, we’ve listed below a range of classic and contemporary wedding invitation […]

What type of Wedding Ceremony suits you…

loaction wedding beach hill top sunset wedding day

Hello! I thought I would go through the different types of weddings we can celebrate. The world of weddings is huge! there is so much choice for the type of ceremony now-days, whether you are about to become Husband & Wife or a same sex couple becoming Husband & Husband, Wife & Wife! The choice we have today […]