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Hello! I thought I would go through the different types of weddings we can celebrate. The world of weddings is huge! there is so much choice for the type of ceremony now-days, whether you are about to become Husband & Wife or a same sex couple becoming Husband & Husband, Wife & Wife! The choice we have today is far greater than we had before, yet we appreciate there is still some way to go for the ‘location’ of some same sex marriages.

When we started 8 years ago, getting married in a Church was the most common method of marriage. But fast forward to now, we see more civil ceremonies and partnerships. The choice of venues up and down the united kingdom to celebrate your nuptials, is endless!

So lets look at how we can get married…

Church | Religious, Place of worship

A church wedding is perhaps more  ‘traditional’ place for a religious and/or spiritual ceremony. The ceremony is tailored to each couple and focuses on God and love, in the chose place of worship; e.g: Synagogue, Church, Mosque or other establishment.

For a Church of England ceremony, you needn’t be religious to be married in a church. Although you will need to make specific commitments to your chosen church; such as giving notice of your intent to marry (banns) and marriage classes (to prepare you for married life). Attending a regular service in the run up to your wedding will also most likely be expected. I think it’s a lovely way to be married (though we chose a civil ceremony), there is great support from the Vicar and most likely the whole congregation, if you get to know them! becoming part of a family as well as forming your own. Click here for further details and information about a Church of England ceremony.

Catholic weddings are slightly different and more restricted than a Church of England ceremony. Generally if you are not a practicing Catholic or baptised then at least one of you will have to be, for the Pastor to consider you to be married in their Church. Click here for further details and information about a Catholic ceremony.

Civil Ceremony or Partnership

If you would like to have a ceremony with no reference to religion but still legally binding, then a civil ceremony is the most popular option.

The ceremony itself follows a traditional format, like you would see in a church, but shorter. But with no spiritual or religious content. No reading or song can contain anything remotely religious!

Usually you’ll have a meeting with the registrar prior to the wedding day. So, at this point you can arrange the details of the day, like your type of vows (you can right your own) and also your declaration of marriage.

Civil Ceremonies are held in buildings which have a license and registered to do so. Imagine, if the dream has always been getting married in a Castle, 500 year old barn or perhaps in a London Skyscraper – it can happen. Another great point, the ceremony can happened at any time of the day (or night!). As long as the officiant is willing!

Click here for more information about civil ceremony.

Humanist Ceremony

couple humanist ceremony www.cliveblair.co.uk - Tel: 0121 603 7630

A humanist ceremony can be informal or formal, and anything in between! Because the humanist ceremonies is based on the individual couples beliefs and way of life, the ceremony unique to each couple. And if you want to add religious components to your wedding you can.

Your wedding can happen anywhere!! Fancy the Beach, by a windmill or onto of a mountain. Or simply any other venue in the UK that will hold your special day.

This type of ceremony is recognised by law in Scotland, but not yet in England and Wales. So if you would like your marriage recognised by law and you’re not in Scotland, you’ll need to sign the legal documentation with your local registrar.

You can find more information about humanist ceremony here.

It’s important to reflect your wants for married life through your ceremony, it bind the two of you together. Make sure you get what you want from YOUR ceremony. Therefore liaise with your ceremony ‘giver’. And see if you can work in any extras or indeed remove!

Finally, make it a day you’ll both love to remember. Because we plan on only doing this once!

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